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Redmond Championship Tournament

Redmond North League Championship Tournament Overview

The regular season will wrap up at the end of May at which time we will start the Redmond North Championship Tournament (RCT).  All Majors, Coast and AAA teams play in the Redmond Championship Tournament, which is a double-elimination bracket for the chance to take on the champions from the other leagues at the Jackson Roos Regional Tournament


Congratulations to the Majors Dodgers, Coast Dodgers, and AAA Dodgers on their championships.  We'll see you next in the Jackson Roos Tournament. 



Below are the current brackets, these will be updated each evening following the completion of the day's games. These brackets are based on the following regular season standings: 


1.  Dodgers    13 - 5 - 1  

2.  Red Sox   9 - 7   

3.  Cubs   7-10  

4.  Angels:   2-16


1.  Yankees   5 - 7 - 2 

2.  Dodgers  4- 11  

3.  Giants:   3 - 12 - 1  


1. Reds:  9-2-1

2. Rangers: 6-6-1 

3. White Sox:  4-8 

4.  Angels 3-10-1 

5.  Pirates:  2-10 


To our 2021 Redmond North Upper Division Champions

AAA - Reds

Coast - White Sox

Majors - Yankees

2016 Redmond City Majors Champs

2016 Redmond City Majors Champs

2016 Redmond City Coast Champs

2016 Redmond City Coast Champs

Brackets from previous seasons

Results from the 2021 Redmond North League Championship Tournament

After the long season, we'll hold a championship  tournament to determine the Redmond North Little League champions. The tournament will be held June 1st - 5th at Redmond Ridge, and scheduling information and brackets are now available.

2021 season ending standings:


  1. Reds
  2. Angels
  3. Rangers


  1. White Sox
  2.  Angels
  3.  Cubs
  4.  Phillies


  1. Mets
  2. Dodgers
  3. Yankees
Redmond City Tournament Bracket

Redmond North Championship Tournament

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