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Redmond Ridge Park

Welcome to the home field of redmond north little league!

Redmond Ridge Park
Redmond Ridge Park JR

Field Address

22915 Ne Alder Crest Dr. Redmond, WA 98053 [Bing Maps]

rainout line


Redmond Ridge Park Field Map

Redmond Ridge Park Field Map

Redmond Ridge Park Field Map

T-Ball Field Layouts

T-Ball Field Layouts

Redmond Ridge Park Feedback

RNLL RR Facility Manager

RNLL RR Facility Manager

Redmond Ridge Park scheduling

RNLL Scheduler

RNLL Scheduler

Redmond Ridge Park Rules

  • Chewing gum, seeds, or wearing metal cleats is not allowed on any of the 3 fields!  
  • Please do not jump on or over the outfield fences.
  • Keep all dugouts and fields clean!  Don't leave games or practices without picking up all garbage and recycles!
  • Hitting baseballs or wiffle balls into the fences is not permitted.

Safety at Redmond ridge Park

Safety is RNLL's top priority.  Redmond Ridge Park offers the following safety features:

  • Disengage-able bases on all fields
  • Protective pads on backdrops behind home plate
  • Fencing and netting to protect spectators from foul balls
  • Back guard rails on bleachers
  • Lights for safe play after sunset

Jackson Roos Memorial Field - Dedicated October 2013

In memory of Jackson Roos, a friend to everyone. He is remembered for his kindness, loyalty and courage in life and on the field. He exuded great sportsmanship and a love baseball. 

"I believe that while we can never be friends with everyone, we can be friendly with everybody."

 -Jackson Roos, September 2012

Jackson Roos Memorial Field

Redmond North Little League Sponsors

The generous sponsorships from the following fine organizations make what we do possible.  Please show your support to these amazing sponsors by stopping by and thanking them for their commitment to making our community stronger.  Learn more about RNLL's sponsorship opportunities at

Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

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Come on out to the local Dicks Sporting Goods store and pickup bats, gloves, helmets, and other baseball gear for your player! Click here for coupons made just for RNLL members.

Sponsored by Yvette Ross, Real Estate Broker

Yvette Ross, Real Estate Broker

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Connect with me at 425-681-1958!

Sponsored by Roos Orthodontics

Roos Orthodontics

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Follow Roos Ortho on Facebook and Twitter!  425-885-1642

Sponsored by The JOINT chiropractic

The JOINT chiropractic

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Sponsored by The Goddard School

The Goddard School

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  425-868-8333

Sponsored by Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

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Follow us on Facebook!  425-868-8283

Sponsored by Redmond Ridge Eye Care

Redmond Ridge Eye Care

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! 425-898-9222

Sponsored by Vertex Arena

Vertex Arena

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Sponsored by Minuteman Press Redmond

Minuteman Press Redmond

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Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  425-883-7464

Sponsored by Subway Redmond Ridge

Subway Redmond Ridge

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Order your next meal using the Subway app on your smart phone!   425-898-7576.

Sponsored by Pacific Landscape Management

Pacific Landscape Management

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Follow us on Facebook!  Call us at 425-885-2905!

Sponsored by Drywall Distributors

Drywall Distributors

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Follow us on Facebook and give us a call at 425-488-4888!

Sponsored by Cypress Coffee

Cypress Coffee

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Players in uniform get 50% off drinks on game day!  Contact us at 425-202-7242 and follow us on Facebook.

Sponsored by Umpires Northwest

Umpires Northwest

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Proud Sponsors of Redmond North Little League!  Contact us at 206-406-8708 to learn more about UNW.

Sponsored by Become a sponsor!

Become a sponsor!

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Interested in becoming a sponsor? Learn more about RNLL's sponsorship opportunities at