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Interested in Umpiring?

Please contact our umpire in chief and fill out the volunteer registration.

Looking for the 2022 RNLL Rules?

In 2022 all our RNLL games are played under special interlock rules. Follow the link for details.

Looking for umpire training info?

If you are interested in umpiring, we'll teach you what you need to know.

Junior Umpire Program for 2022

Redmond North Little League has launched a program to provide junior baseball players the opportunity to expand their love of the game and experience field umpiring in a supervised, relaxed setting. Candidates must be 12 years old and commit to show up on time for each game you umpire. You can also earn volunteer services hours. If you are interested, please have your parent or guardian contact the umpire in chief. 

Volunteer Umpires

Redmond North Little League uses volunteer umpires for as many of our games as possible. We provide training, league equipment you can borrow, and (once you umpire enough games) reimbursement for your own equipment. We'll also outfit you with a league umpire hat and shirt.

umpiring requirements

To cover our 2022 schedule, we need each AAA, Coast, and Majors team to provide 8 "slots" of umpire coverage (a slot is 1 ump for 1 game). With 2 or 3 umps per team, that's only 3 or 4 games per ump. Please help us run a volunteer Little League!

Schedules are flexible. You pick the games you want to umpire. This makes umpiring a great way to help out if you have an unpredictable schedule and can't commit to managing or coaching. 

umpire rewards program

  • Anyone who umpires 8 games can get reimbursed for umpire gear up to $150. Get your own mask, or your own plate gear.
  • Every team meeting the minimum umpiring requirements will be reimbursed for an end of season team party. 
  • Umpires can receive a free meal from the concession stand for each game umpired (when and where there are concessions).